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InterPow provides professional music and audio services. Looking for an immersive auditory backdrop for a film or game? Let us help bring your project to life.

The Business of Life Podcast

The Business of Life Podcast with Keith Callahan
One of the most popular podcasts in business finance, The Business of Life with Keith Callahan explores achieving financial freedom, balance, and creating the life you always wanted to live. With in-depth discussions and interviews with successful entrepreneurs, Keith provides a personal perspective to guide you toward finding a clear path ahead. InterPow takes the raw recorded audio, cuts it up, polishes it, and makes it ready for your earbuds or car speakers.

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The Dark End

The Dark End
The Dark End is an ongoing project to illustrate a variety of approaches in video game music. Imagine racing down the pixelated freeway to reach the goal post with only seconds to spare. Or, imagine battling those pesky invaders from space with a limited supply of ammo! The songs featured here are available for use in your project or new songs can be created in a similar style!

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Soundtrack to Iron Miners

Official Soundtrack of Iron Miners
The soundtrack for Iron Miners provides a subtle balance of melody, ambience and sound effects and was designed initially as an audio backdrop to the website As the visitor explores the numerous slide shows of forgotten mine tunnels and workings, the music provides an ethereal mood to complement the highly visual experience felt on the website. The songs were also used for various video promotionals including a pilot episode for the show America Underground.

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Enhance your project with a compelling soundscape

Let InterPow provide the sonic backdrop for your next project.
We specialize in music composition and audio effects for use in websites, video production, and other purposes. Our complete line of services include:

Elastic Pyramid
  • Audio and special effects
  • Music composition in multiple genres
  • Promotional graphic design
  • Album artwork including logo design and photography
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