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Port Murray, NJ 07865

Accelseo provides professional web design optimized for the search engines right out of the box!

• Professional web design with your targeted traffic and
demographics in mind.
• Web design specifically tailored for search engine compatibility.
• Work hand in hand with our web design team.
• Clean, crisp, intuitive web design that is easy to navigate.
• SEO and Web Design ALL IN ONE = SEO Web Design.

Accelseo wants to be sure your clients user experience on your website is just as great as the content and services your provide. Your website design is a reflection of the quality and credibility of your business. This is why Accelseo sees professional web design as an integral part of a successful website and SEO strategy. Accelseo's Web Design features also include:
  • E-commerce solutions (using Miva technology)
  • Interactive forms between you and your clients
  • Custom search functionality
  • Cross platform (PC & Macintosh) compatibility
  • Professional scanning and photo touch ups
  • Zip code lookup capability
  • Custom Flash design
  • Dropdown Menus
  • Custom Javascripting, PHP, MySQL and CGI implementation
Accelseo is also an official Thomas Register Vendor. If you are a sales representative for Thomas Register, please click here.

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